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Troy & Kory Wyman

Troy & Kory Wyman

      Troy and Kory have been a team since 2000. They began as an engineering duo, which turned into marriage in 2005. Their partnership evolved further, investing in and rehabbing properties for their own portfolio of residential rentals. Their dreams turned into two babies, the first named Life Cycle Property management, where Kory and her team manage rental properties for other owners as well as herself. As Life Cycle grew so did the needs of the properties and Troy’s baby, Emerald Advantage was born. Eventually they found time to have a daughter too.

     Kory’s attention to detail and Troy’s excellence in execution keep both teams running like well-oiled machines, working together and leaning on each other. Leading by example, they create a faced paced, self-directed, collaborative and high energy environment with a focus on creating the best service in the industry.

Administration & Office Team

Ali Egy

     Ali is our jack of all trades and master of… well… pretty much all. She’s been with Emerald Advantage since March of 2015 and from managing our large projects and coordinating schedules with vendors she does it all, with her trusty (and adorable) sidekicks, Eloise and Olivia. A transplant from Portland, Oregon, Ali brings with her a vast knowledge of home repair and vegetarian cooking. Technical abilities aside, Ali is the epitome of people person and handles coworkers, tenants, property owners, contractors and everyone she meets with effortless kindness. You can find her on the weekends working on her own home, out in the garden, or cuddled up with her husband, daughters, and (many) furry family members.

Robin Koziol

Robin joined the team in February 2017 as the company's toddler wrangler and social media guru. After growing up in Chicagoland, Robin moved back to Michigan and has been happy to call Grand Rapids home for the last 20 years. When she's not singing nursery rhymes and playing cars you can find her digging in her garden or off on an adventure with her husband and two sons. 

Robin Koziol Pi.jpg

Steph Shaw

Lea Rivera

Lea feeds us, and that’s only reason #9899 we love having her on our team. With years of experience cooking both in restaurants and as a private chef, Lea came to Emerald Advantage in April of 2016 and brought with her passion, focus and cool under pressure. Whether she’s answering phones, painting, coordinating schedules, or (our personal favorite) cooking delicious food full of love, Lea takes care of business, and everyone she encounters, and does it with a smile and usually a bit of humor. When she does find time for herself, if she’s not walking her dog, she enjoys indulging in all of life’s finer things, especially good bourbon, stinky cheese, and always a good laugh.

Maintenance Experts



General Maintenance and Landscaper

Fixer of All Things Broken

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